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Our Members

Our members represent the greater Hattiesburg area building professionals and their subcontractors and suppliers.

Our Members List

Builders Mean Business

Name Company Membership Level Phone Email
Rory Williamson RGW Framing & Foundation, LLC Associate Membership (601)-582-3380 bounce4@bounce.com
Chad Hill The Citizens Bank Associate Membership (601)-264-4425 chill@tcbphila.com
Chris Ainsworth A & A Flooring Associate Membership (601)-517-8334 cainsworth210263@gmail.com
Ronnie Baggett Baggett AC and Heat LLC Associate Membership (601)-545-7792 1ronniebaggett@comcast.net
Lamar Evans Association Management Systems Builder Membership (601)-582-3330 info@hattiesburgbuilders.org
Melvin Stafford Stafford Construction, Inc. Builder Membership (601)-264-0878 constructionstaf@comcast.net
Melvin Stafford Belleco Home Center, Inc. Builder Membership (601)-261-0198 bellecohomecenter@gmail.com
Anthony Harris Pearl River Valley EPA Associate Membership (601)-264-2458 anthony.harris@prvepa.com
Craig Flanagan Flanagan Construction Co Affiliate Membership (601)-264-3682 craig@flanaganconstruction.com
Garry Ishee Pine Belt Insulation Associate Membership (601)-477-3533 garryishee@hotmail.com
Brian McPhail Mississippi Limited, LLC. Builder Membership (601)-264-3942 BKMCPHAIL@aol.com
Cliff Norman Norman Construction Inc. Builder Membership (601)-264-7114 cliff@normanconstruction.net
Seborn Broome Seborn Broome Contracting Builder Membership (601)-758-4428 basscat3@bellsouth.net
Sammy Davis Davis Buildings Inc Associate Membership (601)-765-4700 davisbuilding@bellsouth.net
Vernon Watts Watts Electrical & Air Conditioning, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-736-7362 wattselectricala@bellsouth.net
John Nelson John C Nelson Construction Builder Membership (601)-582-7662 johnnelsonconstruction@comcast.net
Burt Williamson BRW Construction LLC Builder Membership (601)-450-5614 burt@brwconstructionllc.com
Glen Brady B & S Appliances Distributors, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-268-0331 null.66@hhba.com
Diane Goodnight Goodnight Electric Associate Membership (601)-788-6973 goodnightlavon@gmail.com
Ricky Moudy Richard L Moudy Construction Builder Membership (601)-408-6613 rlmoudyconst@comcast.net
Jim Stewart American Concrete Products Affiliate Membership (601)-296-0445 Jim@americanconcreteproducts.us
Richard Hiatt Richard L Hiatt Construction Builder Membership (601)-296-9909 RichHiatt@comcast.net
George Strickland Sunbelt Fans & Lighting Associate Membership (601)-268-2052 Sunbeltlighting@yahoo.com
John Jarrell Blossman Gas Inc Associate Membership (601)-582-8449 jejarrell@blossmangas.com
David Pyron Builders First Source Associate Membership (601)-261-1030 david.pyron@bldr.com
Wendell Holland Wendell Holland Builders, LLC. Associate Membership (601)-736-1615 whbuilders@bellsouth.net
Robert Ricks Southern Interiors Flooring Associate Membership (601)-268-8808 siflooring@aol.com
Perry Phillips TSI - Title Services, LLC Associate Membership (601)-264-3500 perry@tsititle.com
Brenda Housley Regions Bank Associate Membership (601)-261-4340 brenda.housley@regions.com
Bobby Griffin American Window and More, LLC Associate Membership (601)-606-9372 americanwindow@comcast.net
Bo Foster Bo Foster Construction Builder Membership (601)-543-3204 bofosterllc@gmail.com
Bill Rodgers Rod Co, LLC Builder Membership (601)-467-3457 wfr.design@comcast.net
Ronnie Blackwell Clearpoint Engineering Associate Membership (601)-261-2609 Ronnie@clearpointengineers.com
Buddy Morris Termite Control Specialists, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-261-5200 tcs92000@aol.com
Adam Pittman Columbia Block Associate Membership (601)-450-3791 pittmaar@yahoo.com
Freddie Triplett SPIRE Associate Membership (601)-325-0810 Freddie.Triplett@SpireEnergy.com
Robby Smith Underwood Door Company Associate Membership (601)-583-1521 robbyudc@gmail.com
Johnny Perren Perren Masonry Associate Membership (601)-550-9759 perrenmasonry@gmail.com
James Williamson J & D Flooring INC - Williamson Floor Covering Associate Membership (601)-297-0207 mobile70@comcast.net
Dennis Pierce Dennis Pierce, Inc. Builder Membership (601)-264-6800 dennis@dennispierce.com
Andrew Johnson First Bank Associate Membership (601)-606-8276 andrewj@firstbankms.com
Sherman Johnson Mississippi Power Company Associate Membership (601)-426-4814 shjohnso@southernco.com
Gary Fordham AAA Homes of MS, LLC Builder Membership (601)-544-0297 gwfordham@gmail.com
Cody Albright America's Home Place Builder Membership (601)-579-0222 calbright@americashomeplace.com
Lee Everett Premier Homes Builder Membership (601)-270-8993 lee@premierehomesms.com
DeLois Smith The DeLois Smith All Star Team, LLC Associate Membership (601)-545-3900 delois@allstarteam.com
Stephen Fairley Fairley Construction Services Builder Membership (601)-583-3778 cindy@fairleyconstruction.com
Charles Herrington Charles Herrington Construction Builder Membership (601)-268-5533 charleskeela@bellsouth.net
Trey Moran Flanagan Builders, LLC. Builder Membership (601)-606-9953 trey@flanaganbuilders.net
Jonathan Shows BancorpSouth Associate Membership (601)-264-0814 jonathan.shows@bxs.com
David Saulters Sigma Companies LLC Builder Membership (601)-579-8736 davidsaulters@remax.net
Wesley Breland Wesley Breland Realtor Inc Builder Membership (601)-582-1911 gwhun@webtv.net
Jonathan Boone House Plan Zone LLC Associate Membership (601)-543-5133 jboone13@comcast.net
Kyle Hamlett Kyle Hamlett Construction Builder Membership (601)-408-2743 Kylehamlettconstruction@yahoo.com
Christopher Boozer House Plan Zone LLC Affiliate Membership (601)-520-0423 cbozr@comcast.net
Daniel Lucus Daniel Lucus Construction LLC Builder Membership (601)-516-0731 lucussumrall@yahoo.com
Barbara Wilson Bellegrass, LLC Associate Membership (601)-297-6940 barbara@bellegrass.com
Kemi Simmons Grand Bank Associate Membership (601)-264-1467 kemi.simmons@grandbankfsb.com
Rick LaPar Five Star Foundation Repair LLC Associate Membership (601)-544-4990 rlapar@fivestarfoundationrepair.com
Ted Cotton Cotton Construction Builder Membership (601)-606-7106 ted@tedcotton.com
Carter Callaway Callaway Custom Homes Builder Membership (601)-596-7889 callawaycustomhomes@gmail.com
Hope Broome Citizens Bank Associate Membership (601)-271-8505 hope.broome@cbcolumbia.com
Brad Baggett Brad Baggett Homes, LLC Builder Membership (601)-545-7792 blbaggett@yahoo.com
Tommy Mixon Mixon Builders, LLC Builder Membership (601)-517-2100 tommy.mixon2100@gmail.com
Joel Roberts Joel A. Roberts, LLC. Builder Membership (601)-549-0409 j.rob@comcast.net
Danielle Jordan Dennis Pierce, Inc. Additional Affiliate Member (601)-264-6800 danielle@dennispierce.com
J.D. McElhaney J. D. McElhaney Plumbing Associate Membership (601)-270-2753 jd3plumb@yahoo.com
Dennis Marchman Builders First Source Additional Affiliate Member (601)-261-1030 dennis.marchman@probuild.com
Kenny Wise Trustmark Associate Membership (601)-583-5299 kwise@trustmark.com
Charles Arinder Pearl River Valley EPA Affiliate Membership (601)-731-7809 sarinder@prvepa.com
Ashley Robinson Ashley Robinson Builders Builder Membership (601)-850-3027 ashley@ashleyrobinsonbuilders.com
Dana Smith Stoneworks, LLC Associate Membership (601)-794-0093 dani@stoneworksofms.com
Stan Geiger Hercules Concrete Pumping Associate Membership (601)-290-2086 gshelley@herculesconcretepumpingofms.com
Lynell Brackman Anderson Retail, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-545-7198 LBrackman@andersondesigncenter.com
Owen Munton Hancock Bank Associate Membership (601)-818-6225 owen.munton@hancockwhitney.com
Fred McMurray Havard Pest Control Associate Membership (601)-583-4451 hpcads@havardpest.com
Don Page Cowboy Maloney's Associate Membership (601)-502-4106 donpage@cowboymaloney.com
Joe Gatwood Gatwood Construction Associate Membership (601)-516-0374 gatwoodconstruction@gmail.com
Chris Moore Moore Construction, Inc. Builder Membership (601)-543-5118 chrismooreconstruction@comcast.net
Trinity Hartfield MMC Materials, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-268-3005 thartfield@megagate.com
Joey Davion JWA Construction and Development Builder Membership (601)-818-1373 jdavion@adcockmgt.com
Robert McRaney McRaney Construction Associate Membership (601)-441-3753 null.566@hhba.com
Kent Jordan American Concrete Products-MS Associate Membership (601)-583-2274 kjordan@megagate.com
Will Harris NOLA Lending Group Associate Membership (601)-596-5757 wharris@nolalending.com
NOAH LAMBERT Regions Bank Affiliate Membership (601)-270-7964 NOAH.LAMBERT@REGIONS.COM
Charles Dawe ReMAX Associate Membership (601)-530-3293 charlesmdawe@gmail.com
Sharon Rice First Bank Associate Membership (601)-726-3346 SharonR@firstbankms.com
Nathan Shows Magnolia State Bank Associate Membership (601)-261-6858 nathan.shows@msb-ms.com
Garrett Dobbs Hancock Bank Affiliate Membership (601)-543-7043 garrett.dobbs@outlook.com
Amy Heath City of Petal Associate Membership (601)-544-6048 amyheath@cityofpetal.com
Steve Mitchell City of Hattiesburg Associate Membership (601)-545-4500 jmitchell@hattiesburgms.com
Craig Farve Dennis Pierce, Inc. Affiliate Membership (601)-264-6800 craig@dennispierce.com
Scott Hatten Builders First Source Associate Membership (601)-261-1030 scott.hatten@probuild.com
Joshua Williamson BRW Construction LLC Affiliate Membership (601)-450-5614 josh@brwconstructionllc.com
Reggie Switzer Switzer Woodworks, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-794-5216 swit9448@bellsouth.net
Brian Hasselvander Hasselvander, LLC Builder Membership (601)-441-2368 bhasselvander@yahoo.com
Sinnona Jones Deep South Title, LLC Associate Membership (601)-264-3323 SinnAna@deepsouthtitle.com
Hawke Lott Lowes Affiliate Membership (601)-261-3008 mary.k.duncan@store.lowes.com
Vernon Slunaker Standard Gravel Associate Membership (985)-788-5512 vernon@standardgravel.com
Jeff Blackard Plumb Pretty, LLC Associate Membership (601)-818-2839 jbPlumbPretty@gmail.com
Pat Hudson Builders First Source Additional Affiliate Member (601)-261-1030 Pat.Hudson@Probuild.com
Greg Baucom Builders First Source Associate Membership (601)-261-1030 Greg.Baucom@probuild.com
Ken Crumpton Crumpton Insurance Agency, LLC Associate Membership (601)-336-5015 ken@crumptoninsurance.com
Courtney Harris HBAM (601)-969-3446 charris@hbam.com
Ray Rayburn Associated Appraisers & Consultants, Inc. Associate Membership (601)-296-0950 apartmentmanager@comcast.net
Greg Touchstone Touchstone Electric Associate Membership (601)-261-5337 touchstoneelectric@comcast.net
Scott Hilton Wholesale Contractor Supply Associate Membership (601)-399-5114 shilton@wholesalecontractorsupply.com
Kyle Giacona Moore Construction, Inc. Affiliate Membership (601)-336-4238 kylegiacona@gmail.com
Bruce Calcote PriorityOne Bank Associate Membership (601)-310-2735 bcalcote@priorityonebank.com
Ryan Cole Tropical Pools and Spas Affiliate Membership (601)-325-5681 rcole43@gmail.com
Bobby Flynt Tropical Pools and Spas Associate Membership (601)-596-2633 tropicalpoolsandspas@gmail.com
Chad Triggs Triggs Drywall Associate Membership (601)-641-0014 chadtrigg@att.net
Logan Cofield American Concrete Products Additional Affiliate Member (601)-583-2274 sales@americanconcreteproducts.us
Bo Dickinson American Concrete Products Associate Membership (601)-583-2274 bo@americanconcreteproducts.us
Myra Davis Hover Gravel Company Associate Membership (601)-264-8727 imsoldonyou@yahoo.com
Lindsey West Anderson Design Center Additional Affiliate Member (601)-545-7198 lwest@andersondesigncenter.com
Joe Sicard James Hardie Building Products Associate Membership (251)-214-3282 joseph.sicard@jameshardie.com
Shane Boyd Sherwin Williams Builder Membership (601)-299-0610 swrep6312@sherwin.com
Gerard Hansen PPG Paints Affiliate Membership (601)-296-7745 gerard.hansen@ppg.com
Hunter Andrews Andrews Engineering, PLLC Associate Membership (601)-794-4576 hunter@andrewsengineering.net
Jessica Breazeale MCS Building Supply Associate Membership (601)-758-0800 jessicab@1mcs.net
Charles Sheely Sheely Construction, LLC. Builder Membership (601)-402-8575 sheelyconstruction@usa.com
Lauren Pace ReMax Real Estate Partners, Inc. Affiliate Membership (601)-310-1748 lauren.msrealtor@gmail.com
LaVisa Corey American Insulation Associate Membership (601)-604-8525 lavisa@americaninsulationms.com
Steven Bridges Kyle Hamlett Construction Affiliate Membership (769)-390-7582 stevenbridgeskhc@gmail.com
Chris Smith First Bank Affiliate Membership (601)-726-3346 Chriss@firstbankms.com
Vaughn Bennett The Service Company Associate Membership (601)-938-2233 vaughn.bennett@the-service-company.com
Jennifer Pellegrin Tom Smith Land and Homes Associate Membership (601)-402-1249 jennifer@tomsmithhomes.com