Building a greater Hattiesburg together.

Our Story

The Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders Association (GHHBA) was chartered by the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) on December 12, 1962. The organization is also affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Mississippi (HBAM) and the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) which represent the interests of more than 2,000 builder members across Mississippi and thousands across America. As a member of our association, you also become a member of both of these organizations. Visit HBAM and NAHB to see what additional benefits you have.

Our Vision

The GHHBA leadership consists of local builder and associate members. The Association was founded to improve the conditions in the home building industry in the counties under its charter. Those counties include Forrest, Lamar, Perry, and Marion.

Our Members

About thirty percent (30%) of the association’s members are builders. In order to qualify for builder membership, you must be a licensed builder. The remaining GHHBA members are Associates or Affiliates. GHHBA members represent approximately 9,000 employees in the counties represented by the association. Check out our member directory.

Our Platform

Knowledge: Offers education and other resources members need to expand their businesses and achieve personal success.

Networking: Creates opportunities within a community of home building professionals for members to build key relationships.

Expertise: Develops solutions for members’ businesses through access to experts who provide insight and information.

Advocacy: Works to improve the business environment and eliminate excessive regulations by advocating for pro-builder policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Savings: Saves members money through advocacy efforts, exclusive services and products, and the Member Advantage program.

NAHB strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy.

Our members believe:

  • Home ownership can and should be within the reach of every American family. 
  • American homes should be well-designed, well-constructed and well-located in attractive communities with educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities accessible to all.
  • American homes should be built under the free American enterprise system.

Our members abide by these principles and policies:

  • Our paramount responsibility is to our customers, our community and our country.
  • Honesty is our guiding business policy.
  • High standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home.
  • Members shall deal fairly with their respective employees, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building equipment and improved methods of home financing.

Interested in becoming a member?

Between legislative advocacy, rebate and savings opportunities, education and additional programs, becoming a member is just good business.

Find out more about our member benefits and opportunities.