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Land Use Code
July 29, 2016

Members of the Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders Association met  with the City of Hattiesburg’s Planning Commission during a special called Commission meeting on July 27. Up for discussion was the adoption of the new Land Development Code.

The existing Land Code was adopted by the City some thirty years ago and is in need of a complete overhaul. The proposed code is much more user friendly to builders and developers and will be available in a searchable electronic format. The proposed code will have almost 100 graphical displays that can be used to assess the code’s intentions.

The Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders Association is strongly in favor of a new code and had high praise to the city staff and the consultants for their work.

Our association’s comments presented to city staff in late June were not considered because those comments came after the public input period had closed. The proposed code was made available just one day before the Commission was asked to consider its adoption. Our committee members asked the commission to postpone their decision by at least 30 days. The time extension will be used to make sure that the builder’s and developer’s concerns and suggestions are taken into consideration before the Code’s final Commission acceptance.

The Planning Commission agreed that builders and developers should be included in the process. Immediately after the Commission meeting members of the association met with city staff and the consultant. The Code’s final “mark-up” will be made available to our association committee members for review. A conference call will be scheduled within the next few weeks in order to discuss any concerns builders may have with the proposed code.

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