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Construction Safety
October 6, 2015

There are literally thousands of construction projects going on across United States every day. OSHA has a few surprising stats. As it turns out, there are just a few types of accidents that construction workers should always be on the lookout for when they are working on the job site. These are known as the fatal four. At the top of the list are falls. In fact, the most recent 2013 statistic found that 294 deaths out of a total death count of 796, were a result of falling. That’s about a third of fatal construction accidents. Equip all of your employees who are working at heights with appropriate fall protection gear that complies with the OSHA ANSI Z359 safety standard.

Second, being struck by an object was the number two leading cause of death. This accounted for approximately 10% of all construction deaths in 2013, 82 to be exact. Guard your machinery to help protect operators and others from hazards, such as rotating parts, flying chips, sparks and other dangers.

Coming in at number three is electrocution. This accounts for almost 9% of construction deaths, 71 deaths in 2013. We tend to forget that there is a lot of power behind electricity because we are so accustomed to using it every day. However, those wires do bite and you have to know what you are doing before you attempt to work on them. This is especially true if the line you are working on carries a current of 220 volts or more. Follow factory instructions when designing, installing and using electrical equipment to help stay in compliance and avoid workplace accidents.

Finally, 21 deaths in 2013 were caused by being “caught in something” or “caught between something.” This is a much lower statistic, 2.5%, but it is still chilling to think that 21 people died by being caught in a machine or were squeezed to death between something. Maintenance, operator training and certification on forklifts, motorized hand trucks and pallet trucks is a crucial component of facility safety.

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