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Hire a Licensed Contractor
October 24, 2014

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." Ben Franklin

It is tempting to seek out the lowest possible price when you’re thinking about a construction project. But in the wisdom of Ben Franklin, you may pay a much higher price in the end. When you use a licensed and insured builder, you reduce the risk of seeing poor quality in your project. Licensed builders stay informed, they seek your input, they are insured to protect you and their work has a warranty that you can depend on. Yes, their price is likely to be a little higher because it costs them more to do business than the unlicensed “builder” who doesn’t carry all of these protections for their clients.

So, to avoid the bitterness of poor quality, make sure you hire a licensed and insured builder.

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The Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders

The Greater Hattiesburg Homebuilder Association, a chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, serves licensed builders, associates of the construction industry, and consumers in Marion, Lamar, Forrest, Covington and Perry counties. Our association focuses on formal builder education (MSBOC licensure and CPB certification), informing builders of market news,and giving builders the tools to respond to prospective legislation through our state counterpart, the Home Builders Association of Mississippi.

Membership in our association keeps builders accountable to consumers. The Greater Hattiesburg Home Builders Association is the name consumers trust when they look for a contractor.